About Marie

Welcome! I am a landscape painter who resides in Portland

The last 20 years, I focused on raising my two boys and a career. It wasn’t until three years ago, I picked up my old paintbrushes and started painting in a Portland studio.

Using my Fine Arts degree, I pursued painting on a part-time
basis which propelled me into commissioned artwork the past
two years. As my client base expanded, I am now teaching a
weekly landscape painting class in pastels. My students are
from all over the world which has allowed me to slow
down and see through the eyes of a beginner.

Art has been a part of my life since I was a little girl. My
Grandmother, a watercolorist, spent hours with me painting
birds and flowers.

My art is about giving a voice to nature by using my mark
making or working the edges that are lost and found. You will
see how my love of nature and wildlife is my inspiration in
my artwork. I love capturing the special moments of light
during an early sunrise or at dusk during a sunset.

Although I am primarily a painter in oil and pastels, I have
painted in acrylics and other mediums alike. My paintings
have been commissioned and reside in homes across the U.S.